Style of design

The guest house's living room beckons with its inviting atmosphere. A pair of spacious leather sofas sits on either side of the room, maintaining symmetry without formality through mismatched coffee tables.

Guest house living room steel chandeliers

Guest house living room chandeliers

On one side, back-to-back trunks offer ample surface area, while on the opposite end, a chunky and sizeable table provides visual weight with a different shape and lighter color. The fireplace mantel is adorned with antique books and candleholders appreciated for their sculptural shapes rather than holding candles. A wicker basket hangs on the wall next to the fireplace, and wooden surveyors sticks serve as clever book holders on different walls.

New Americana style

At the room's other end, a beautiful old drop-front desk exudes warmth with its wooden tones, complemented by a collection of books and pottery. An artfully repurposed door, once a table's top, decorates the wall, showcasing the creative transformation of forgotten pieces. The living room tells a story of reinvention and purposeful design.

Outside, a path leads to charming cottages repurposed as guest rooms, each with its distinct personality and welcoming ambiance. One light and airy room, formerly a toolshed, retains its rustic features like concrete floors and a tin ceiling, now complemented by fresh white paint and soft furnishings. French doors open onto a porch with a delightful swinging chair, offering guests a relaxing view of the Texas prairie.

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Reclaimed architectural pieces add character

Adjacent to the toolshed, a converted chicken coop serves as another guest bedroom. Reclaimed architectural pieces add character, and vintage textiles upholster a large comfortable chair. The space, once home to chickens, now provides an unexpected yet functional retreat for guests.

A third guest house, moved from a nearby ranch, has been lovingly restored and furnished for comfort. The large open space features sleeping nooks, with a king-sized bed in the main one, adorned with a horse stall gate above. Modern black metal bedside tables and black-and-white textiles maintain a fresh, uncluttered feel. A narrow nook with twin beds embraces mismatched textiles and a shared bedside table, creating a lively and charming corner filled with natural light.


Collectively, the guest house and cottages embody the spirit of the New Americana, showcasing the repurposing of hardworking pieces from the past for practical use. The mix-not-match approach to textiles and furnishings adds life and comfort, fostering an overall sense of belonging in these thoughtfully designed spaces.

Look for other colors too

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New furnishings

Coordinating in tone and texture with those in the dining room, these rugs serve multiple purposes from art pieces to decorative pillow covers and, as intended, soft spots on the floor to step on. The combination of this bed and bath creates a simple and relaxing space, inviting you to unwind in understated elegance.

Personal space

Originally an old hay barn, the building underwent a thoughtful transformation into a comfortable retreat. Various materials, including reclaimed tin ceilings, cement floors, and wooden walls, were artfully combined to infuse the space with a relaxed and imperfect yet welcoming ambiance.

The spacious dining room accommodates four tables of different sizes and shapes. At the center, a well-worn long pine farm table takes pride of place, its history evident from years of use. Chairs arranged on either side beckon guests to gather, creating a setting for lively conversations, shared laughter, and the forging of friendships among strangers. For those seeking a quieter atmosphere, the round table in the corner serves as a preferred spot. The low, rounded chairs surrounding it introduce a modern touch, providing an intriguing contrast to the weathered tin ceiling. The quilted upholstery on the chairs encourages guests to sit back and relax in cushioned comfort.

Along the back wall, a series of long sideboards stand ready to facilitate the breakfast buffet. Neat stacks of simple white dishes on the sideboard shelves pay homage to the space's no-fuss, practical origins. The entire setup combines functionality with charm, making the dining room a delightful hub for shared moments and hearty meals. This charming space marks the beginning of each day, drawing guests together for breakfast and convivial conversations.

Charming space

The guest house bed-and-breakfast is a magical gathering spot crafted in the authentic style of New Americana. It radiates warmth and hospitality, creating an enchanting environment where those assembled feel a deep sense of belonging a place that generously invites relaxation.

New Americana Guest house
Personal space

The living room, once the formal parlor of the house, has transformed into a more relaxed and informal space. A slipcovered sofa adorned with pillows and a pair of swivel chairs upholstered in soft vintage fabric exude an atmosphere of comfort. A cowhide layered over the natural sisal rug adds warmth, while an old wooden armchair, re-covered in a vintage black-and-white blanket, introduces character to the neutral surroundings. An antique black cabinet provides storage and serves as a backdrop to the black-and-white chair. A vintage sign with faded lettering serves as a reminder of the rich history within this old space.

As you transition into the downstairs bedroom and adjoining bathroom, the beautiful natural light that fills the house continues to captivate. The spacious bedroom is tastefully furnished with a king-sized bed, plush bedding, and a vintage one-door cupboard repurposed as a closet. The sitting area, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, becomes the room's focal point. Rich brown tones in the upholstery and trunk complement the white painted wood floors, creating a calm and fresh ambiance that artfully blends old and new elements.

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