Style of design

There isn't any pressure here to keep up with the trends or decorate for show. By surrounding yourself with beautiful things you actually use and love, you will experience more joy in everyday activities.

Guest house living room steel chandeliers

Living room chandeliers light

Although the prospect of having a designer transform our ordinary bedroom into a stunning boutique hotel suite overnight sounds delightful, the truth is there is merit in the gradual process of decorating a room. Taking the time to contemplate our personal style and infuse genuine emotion into a space we inhabit daily fosters a deeper connection. In practical terms, this gradual approach allows us to discern the elements that may contribute to stress during the beginning and end of each day, as well as identify subtle details that can bring a greater sense of tranquility.

Colors Matter

The choice of colors holds significant importance! If you're considering a change in the color scheme of your home, incorporating accent hues, or highlighting colors through accessories and statement pieces, this in depth exploration can guide you in embracing a palette that invites and inspires.
When every space competes for attention, it can become overwhelming, prompting you to avoid certain rooms. However, by introducing patterns in tones and combinations that align with your personal taste, these spaces can bring immense joy and richness to your home. Rather than distracting from your style, they will complement it. Maintaining some areas with a more serene and visually clutter-free aesthetic will create a balance for those that are vibrant and diverse.
Take pleasure in discovering new colors and patterns. While exploring antique or home furnishings stores, capture photos of appealing designs, tones, or combinations. Similarly, photograph your furniture, accessories, and wall colors. This way, when you come across a potential addition, you can assess whether it complements your existing decor.
With a bit of practice and bold experimentation, incorporating color and pattern into your home will not only enhance its visual appeal but also serve as a delightful reflection of your unique personality.

Livex 8 Light Chandelier in Helsinki Style 38 Inches wide by 26.25 Inches high Satin Brass Satin Brass Finish

8 Light Chandelier in Helsinki Style

Livex 4 Light Chandelier in Helsinki Style 24 Inches wide by 21 Inches high Satin Brass Satin Brass Finish

4 Light Chandelier, 24 Inches wide

Livex 4 Light Chandelier in Helsinki Style 24 Inches wide by 21 Inches high Brushed Nickel Satin Brass Finish

4 Light Chandelier, 24 Inches wide

Livex 12 Light Chandelier in Helsinki Style 44 Inches wide by 34.25 Inches high Satin Brass Satin Brass Finish

12 Light Chandelier in Helsinki Style

Seasonal style for various reasons

Transforming our home with subtle refinements as the seasons shift can elevate our daily experiences all year long, encouraging us to fully embrace each moment. Individuals may find themselves drawn to a particular seasonal style for various reasons. It could be a preference for a specific climate, inspiration derived from the region during certain months, or cherished childhood memories associated with a particular season.
Regardless of our inclinations, a well cherished home is one that brings joy throughout the entire year. Allowing our living spaces to mirror the mood and ambiance of each season enables us to cocoon ourselves in warmth and natural tones during fall and winter, while also reveling in the uplifting spirit of bright colors and freshness during spring and summer.
Embracing a love for our home year round is best achieved through simple changes. This approach allows us to continually rediscover and maintain our affection for our living spaces. During the autumn and winter seasons, the focus shifts to creating a cozy and welcoming home, emphasizing the concept of nesting. I believe in the simplicity of this approach. Unveil soft layers that beckon you to settle in. Piles of plush pillows and throws, featuring various textures, colors, and patterns, not only provide warmth but also introduce a comfortable layer to the backs of sofas and chairs.

As temperatures dip, the presence of a roaring fireplace enhances the snug and warm ambiance. For those without a traditional fireplace, exploring a freestanding electric model can effectively bring a sense of warmth and coziness to your home.


In cases where overhead lighting isn't feasible, especially if your home lacks ceiling wiring, consider an array of table lamps strategically placed to illuminate the corners of your room.

Look for other colors too

Toltec 5 Light Chandelier 22.25 Inches Tall, 22.75 Inches Wide Brushed Nickel Clear Textured Brushed Nickel Finish

Toltec 5 Light Chandelier

Toltec 5 Light Chandelier 22.25 Inches Tall, 22.75 Inches Wide Brushed Nickel White Marble Brushed Nickel Finish

Toltec 5 Light Chandelier

Toltec 5 Light Chandelier 22.25 Inches Tall, 22.75 Inches Wide Brushed Nickel Onyx Swirl Brushed Nickel Finish

Toltec 5 Light Chandelier

Toltec 5 Light Chandelier 22.25 Inches Tall, 22.75 Inches Wide Brushed Nickel Black Fusion Brushed Nickel Finish

Toltec 5 Light Chandelier

Small spaces require small lamps

Don't shy away from larger lamps; contrary to the common belief that small spaces require small lamps, sizable ones actually contribute height and scale, alleviating the sense of constraint in a compact room. If you already possess lamps but desire a refresh, opting for new lamp shades is a simple and cost-effective solution. Crisp new shades in geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, or cylinders can effortlessly update the appearance of existing lamps. For those with a mix of mismatched lamps, stylish new shades can unify them, providing a more cohesive look.

Personal illumination

Floor lamps become the ideal choice when table space is limited, and their height can alter the perception of a small room. However, avoid torchieres, as they direct light upward toward the ceiling, creating an unwelcoming atmosphere. Picture lights emerge as subtle yet impactful elements in design, imparting softness and a sophisticated touch to any space.

While some picture lights may require professional installation, many are plug-in options with wire covers to conceal cords hanging down the wall. These lights may not serve practical tasks like reading, but they contribute warmth and ambiance. Traditional versions often feature brass, while contemporary options showcase nickel. Even if you think your artwork isn't significant enough to be illuminated, incorporating picture lights provides an additional layer of light, making your space feel more expansive.

Another creative option is mounting picture lights on top of shelving units to introduce drama and highlight items on the shelves. If picture lights aren't your preference, a plug-in desk lamp with an adjustable metal shade can serve a similar purpose, offering directional illumination.

Track lights

Track lights prove highly effective in kitchens due to their adjustable angles, ensuring comprehensive illumination of every nook and cranny. Their compatibility with dimmers adds versatility, and with their affordability and widespread availability at most home improvement stores, they are a worthwhile investment. While installation requires an electrician, the benefits make it well worth the effort.

Complementing the illumination of your counter space, under-wall-cabinet lighting contributes depth and dimension to your kitchen. It provides practical light for countertops and cooking areas, making your workspace more visible, warmer, and comfortable. Home improvement stores offer readily available under-wall-cabinet lighting kits. Install them beneath your wall cabinets to direct light onto your countertops, backsplash, and workspace.

Halogen surface-mount fixtures, which are both inexpensive and accessible, can be plugged in or hardwired. If the visible fixture or bulbs are a concern, you can conceal the lights by attaching molding to the bottom of the cabinets.

Unique iluminating styles.